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Why Conflict is Good for Your Project

When I was a younger project manager, I strived for perfection. The ultimate goal was to run the perfect project where everything was completed on-time, within budget, with great quality and to the absolute delight of the customer. When I say everything had to be perfect, I mean everything. Every milestone. Every task. Every detail.

I was fortunate to manage a few projects that went pretty much just like that. Nearly perfect. And when all […]

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Success: Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives…and Projects!

When it comes to success, there’s lots of talk about mission statements, vision statements, goals and objectives — and for good reason. These tools can be incredibly helpful to define the what and the why of success. A great mission statement helps people understand the underlying reason why the team or organization exists. A good vision statement defines a preferred future that inspires individuals, teams and organizations to see what the future could or should look like. A solid set of goals […]

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